If you’ve ever been seduced and disillusioned by a world that is not always what it appears to be...

If you’ve ever wished to be loved unconditionally...If you ever imagined grace as pure and transparent as light pursuing you, calling you, captivating you...If you ever thought you heard an ancient, familiar voice call your name and turned and paused to listen, then why not listen now.

Parable Of The Dancer/The Pursuit Of Grace, Cast Version - Digital Download  Product Description:

As a child she could hear the music of the Shepherd, the ancient music of creation, and she danced with delight. Then she grew restless, ran away to the Carnival City where the lights glittered and flashed. She was The Dancer, but when the music ended, she was only a slave. The Shepherd pursued her, purchased her freedom. As the brokenness of her heart was washed away, she worshipped Him and once again, she danced.

Dancer 2 - The Bride - CD Product Description:

As they walked together, the lady and her unseen Shepherd, she learned to hear His voice and to sense the yearning of His heart.  She followed Him back to the Carnival City.  As He called out to the captive dancers, she spoke His Word.  He reached out, she became His hands.  In serving the Shepherd, she discovered that she is really His Bride. 

Below is a clip from this CD - Wedding Song/Song of the Bride/Shepherd's Theme

Dancer 3/River Rising - CD Product Description:

This is part 3 of the musical trilogy, "Parable of the Dancer", a timeless story of God’s amazing grace. It is a wonderfully written musical songbook. Immerse yourself in the story while enjoying the variety of musical scores. This double CD set is certainly one to add to your collection. Allow God to minister to your heart as you enter into the story. Allow God to change your heart as you listen to these delightfully creative verses and songs. It is an unforgettable musical experience. 

Be sure to also get Parable of the Dancer/Pursuit of Grace and Dancer 2/The Bride. Order yours today! You’ll be glad you did.

Below are clips of just a few of the songs:      


This morning I played one of the CDs -- Dancer 2 The Bride. It was so touching, I felt the Lord whispered His understanding and deep care for me and I cried in the midst of His tender love. As I worshipped Him, I felt peace as His presence strengthened me. The narrations (I teared over and over) and the songs in this CD are well knitted. There were great burdens in my heart in the morning but as I started to draw close to Him, His love and strength poured out onto me. The yoke in my heart was cast away. I continued my day with a renewed spirit. 

Sydney, Australia

When approaching a project like "Parable of the Dancer / The Pursuit of Grace" from the producer's chair, one of the immediate and profound pleasures is the musical diversity.  The CD opens with “Shepherd's Theme,” a haunting melody invoking Riverdance or a Celtic folk group playing on a star lit Irish hillside.

Soon, the narrator takes us on a journey through a meadow, into the Carnival City and the music is transformed into a rock opera setting that is constantly revisited throughout the CD.  At the heart of the music is an acoustic bed supported by different rhythmic textures and a variety of ethnic instruments. Elements of rock, blues and jazz each take their turn supporting the storytelling and draw the listener in. 

I think you will find a unique and entertaining blend of many different musical elements as you listen to the tale spun by Wesley Scott Amos. A true delight to be sure!!!!

Howard Helm, Producer