Born into the highland meadows of a
far country she learned to hear the song of the Great Shepherd.
Though she had never seen Him, she loved Him dearly,
rejoiced in His love for her and she danced a holy dance.

     But as she grew older she did not always listen
o the song of the Shepherd. “Why should I waste my life 
in this meadow — I could dance in the Carnival City.”

     And so the story unfolds — the Dancer
chasing the lights as the music fades,
falling to the depths of the Carnival City.
And yet the Shepherd came and purchased her freedom,
     led her out of the city of slavery.

     As they walked together, the Dancer and the unseen Shepherd, 
she learned to hear His voice and sense the passion of His heart. 
     She followed Him back to the Carnival City.
As He called out to the captive dancers, she spoke His Word.
     He reached out, she became His hands.
In serving the Shepherd, she discovered her true identity:
     she is the Bride of the Shepherd.

    Come listen.
All of history is the unfolding of this story.